Onur Gözüpek


I was born in 1981 in Gemlik, district of Bursa. My uncle wanted my name “to live as his name” as Onur (Onur means honour in English) My father didn’t discourage him. From the second class to end of high school was in Gemlik. In one of his poems Orhan Veli said “Towards Gemlik / You’ll see the sea / Don’t be surprised”. I followed his advice and grow up in that city. In 1992 I have attended the examination for Anatolian High School, but I learned that the examination question books were stolen. (I remembered Orhan Veli and didn’t disappoint) After the examination was repeated, I attended to Gemlik Celal Bayar Anatolian High School and treated 7 years of my life. After graduation in 1999 the life presented me another game: The question books of university examination were stolen too. (But this time I was lucky because question books were stolen before the examination. How much Orhan Veli was right? It’s the faith of people born in 1991 that they will attend twice to the important examinations which will affect their life. Don’t need to be surprised.)

The next time I attended the examination in 2000 and I was able to attend Selcuk University Faculty of Communications School of Journalism. I presented another 4 years as a university student in Konya.

After attending Selcuk University Faculty of Communications;
1. I had chance to meet various famous people,
2. I had chance to ask question at a live broadcasting show named EkoDiyalog on NTV channel,
3. I’m honoured with communicating people who are well known in communication business,
4. I discovered that there are good universities besides Istanbul and Ankara,
5. … the most and the best I learned what is communication and how to communicate.

After 4 years of education, I came back to home with the title of graduate of Selcuk University School of Communication. I was sad to leave friends who I had been close in these years, I was feeling great because of having the title of “graduated from university”. Next, I have to clear the biggest obstruction of my life: military duty.

After accomplishing military duty, I was please to be happy and joyful as I used to be. Fredooooom! 🙂

Year 2015

I’m interested in crypto currencies for a while. I have trainings about Bitcoin and crypto currencies. I believe crypto currencies will be a big part of our lives in future. Bitcoin offers you a financial freedom. If you are interested in catching this opportunity, please contact me using the form on contact page.

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